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Pet grooming is an essential aspect of your pet’s health that should not be taken without any consideration. It must be done frequently to keep the pet’s coat clean and healthy. With your pet’s comfort and health in mind, the Pet Craft Supply team Designed a self-cleaning Slicker brush that will provide both pets and their owners With an easy, comfortable, and enjoyable pet grooming experience. Our brush features stainless steel pins that retract for easy cleanup and gently removes mats, tangles and loose hair that could potentially cause discomfort and pain for your furry buddy. Our brush gets through the thickest double coats quickly and efficiently, resulting in a soft & Shiny coat. And cleaning The brush only takes less than 5 seconds! No wish to manually pull out the stuck fur from the brush. All it’s a must to do is to push a button and wipe away The fur. No more worries about persistent tangles and loose pet dead hair floating in the air! Works great on dogs and cats with all sizes and hair types! Experience an enjoyable, comfortable, easy, and efficient grooming session with your pets the use of the Pet Craft Supply cleaning Slicker brush.

PROFESSIONAL PET GROOMING AT HOME: The Pet Craft Supply Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is the perfect tool for your dog or cat that can remove loose hair, and eliminate tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt, keeping your pet’s coat healthy and clean.
GENTLE ON THE PET: The fine bristles are designed to penetrate deep into the undercoat. When used as directed, this brush removes loose hair and tangles without damaging the coat or cutting your pet’s skin.
SELF-CLEANING WITH A PUSH OF THE BUTTON: When you’re done brushing your pet, simply push the button and the bristles retract back into the brush, making it easy to remove hair and ready for the next time use.
QUALITY AND COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The brush features ultra durable stainless-steel pins and a molded deal with ensure this brush will last for years yet to come. Ergonomic deal with with a comfort-grip and anti-slip surface, prevents hand and wrist strain.
PERFECT FOR ALL PETS: Ideal for both long haired or short haired puppies, dogs, kittens, or cats with thin and thick coats or sensitive skin. The brush gently massages your pet to increase blood circulation and prevent skin diseases.
PET CRAFT PROMISE: If your pet isn’t totally happy with the product, please contact our team of caring pet lovers that will help you. Just visit our website for more information.



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