Nausx (16-50lbs Anti Nausea/Motion Sickness Treatment and Preventative for Dogs

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NausX Anti-Motion Sickness & Relief For Dogs is an anti-motion sickness remedy and preventative that helps dogs with symptoms of uneasiness, dizziness, excessive drooling, vomiting, nausea, whining, disorientation, and smacking/licking lips. NausX works before any symptoms occur.

Dog Motion Sickness Medicine that Works: Pet parents who’ve thrown away supplements and treats after cleaning up a messy car say they’re so thankful to have an OTC med backed by science that in reality treats dog motion sickness (even on long road trips); No more expensive vet visits, no more painful shots – If truth be told, most say one pill works to get rid of nausea fast, letting their pups look out the window or sleep peacefully at the same time as on the go
Vet Approved OTC Dog Vomit Medicine: Veterinarians say our unique pharmaceutical blend works with your dog’s own system to soothe pet motion sickness and calm upset stomachs; Many say that after changing food and experimenting with supplements they’re so glad to have found an actual pharmaceutical-grade digestive relief that fixes the problem on first use
Easy-Swallow Pills for Dogs: Our motion sickness pills are small and odor-free giving you a quick and easy way to gently restore healthy digestion and calm stomach upset – A single pill given 30 minutes before commute soothes car sickness, stops disorientation, and calms your dog’s upset stomach for up to 8 hours on most dogs; If truth be told, pets with sensitive stomachs are enjoying regular appetites again (even those picky eaters)
Lab-Tested FDA Registered: Unlike expensive supplement treats or messy powders and liquids, our lab-tested dog motion sickness medicine is the only FDA registered, over-the-counter medication available to prevent and treat pet motion sickness – so you’ll be able to avoid the pacing, panting, and disorientation at the same time as letting your dog keep their playful personality
Secure Anti-Nausea Medicine for Dogs: Dog breeders and pet parents who’ve done the research say there isn’t faster relief anywhere (even with big pet store brands); our Pets OTC blend is Secure and effective against gagging, puking, drowsiness, dizziness in addition to excessive drooling and whining; If truth be told, pups who get sick in cars, trucks, trains, planes, buses, and boats are now enjoying peaceful commute and arriving happy and ready to run around



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