CASETiFY Ultra Impact Case Magsafe Compatible for iPhone 13-Frost Clear

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<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-csa-c-func-deps="aui-da-a-expander-toggle" data-csa-c-type="widget" data-csa-interaction-events="click" aria-expanded="false" role="button" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="Affect Cases are military-grade drop tested from 9.8-feet, and made with qìtech 2.0, our proprietary shock-absorbing material.

Our upgraded qìtech 2.0 reduces Affect by 95% (lab tested!) at the same time as maintaining its super sleek slimness.

CASETiFY Ultra Impact CaseCASETiFY Ultra Impact Case

Protection from All Angles

Every detail is fine-tuned for optimal protection, superior Affect resistance, and ultra-sleek, ultra-slim style. We take a 3-part approach to protection: Lifted camera ring to offer protection to the camera lens, extra qìtech 2.0 covered corner bumpers for 360-degree protection, and in any case the raised bezel protects screens when dropped frontward.

CASETiFY Ultra Impact wireless chargingCASETiFY Ultra Impact wireless charging

Stay Charged. Go Wireless.

Wireless charging isn’t something of the future, it’s all over, so your experience must be hassle-free. Our iPhone cases are built to resist Qi, supporting the new standard of wireless charging. Charge away with no need to take away your iPhone cases.

casetify ultra impact case casetify impact case casetify ultra crush case casetify magsafe impact case Casetify mirror case Casetifty screen protector
Ultra Affect Case Affect Case Crush/Ultra Crush Case Magsafe Compatible Affect / Ultra Affect Case Mirror Case Magsafe Compatible Screen Protector 9H Tempered Glass
Drop Protection 9.8 ft 6.6 ft 6.6 / 9.8 ft 6.6 / 9.8 ft 5 ft Ultra-Protective; scratch-resistent
qitech 2.0 Affect-absorbing Inner Layer & Enhanced Corners Affect-absorbing Inner Layer Affect-absorbing Inner Layer & Enhanced Corners Affect-absorbing Inner Layer & Enhanced Corners Durable 9H glass
Color Assortment Clear Back, Color Rim & with Prints Clear Back, Color Rim & with Prints Clear Back, Color Rim Clear Back Reflective Mirror Anti-Bluelight
Wireless Charging
Screen Protection Screenless Screenless Screenless Screenless Screenless Superior
Magsafe Compatible
Recycled Material 65% Recycled 65% Recycled RECASETiFY: Made from upcycled phone cases 65% Recycled 50% Recycled
Works with CASETiFY Screen Protectors & Lens Protector


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